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Victoria Rupee : Mint Marks

Introduction : There are three mints that produced the Rupee. All mint marks are on the reverse of the coin.

The Calcutta mint is represented either by no mint mark or an incuse (indented) letter "C" on the ornamental figure at the bottom of the coin (6 o'clock position).

The Bombay mint is represented (1874-1883) by a dot mint mark. Note that some Calcutta coins appear to have used the dot as well on 1877-1880 Rupees. It is normally just above the Ornate at the bottom of the coin. An 1879 variety has the dot in the rosette. In 1883 (the transition year) there are Rupees with the dot, the raised "B", and both dot and raised "B". The Bombay mint is represented (1883-1901) by an incuse "B" or a raised "B", usually on the flower-like ornamental figure at the top in the coin (12 o'clock position). The 1884 Rupee has the raised "B" on the whorl at the bottom (on the reverse).

The incuse "B" is sometimes inverted (upside down). It's easy to understand how this may have happened, since the tiny "B" looks much the same when inverted. Eg.Rupees with the inverted "B", 1887 and 1888.

The Madras mint closed in 1867 and so is represented only by Rupees dated 1862. The only Rupees attributed to Madras are the 1862 B/II 0/0 and the 1862 B/IIa 0/0.

The incuse "C" can appear as a tiny circle.
The incuse "B" can also be indistinct.
The raised "B" is particularly prone to problems due to wear, damage or poor striking. It often appears as a little bump on the coin.

The following mint marks are illustrated by photos below:

1.Incuse "C"
2.Incuse "B" (normal)
3.Incuse "B" (inverted)
4.Raised "B"
5.Raised "B" (in whorl, 1884)
6.Dot mint mark

Details of Incuse "C"

Details of Incuse "B"(normal)

Details of Incuse "B"(inverted)

Details of Raised "B"(reverse type I and II)

Details of Raised "B" in whorl :1884

Detail of Dot mint mark: (1874-1883)

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