Saturday, July 28, 2007

Victoria Coins :Silver Fractions

Fractions : 1/2 Rupee > 1/4 Rupee > 2 Annas







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Chanchal said...

Dear Mr. Bharat,

I have been going through your various posts on Rare Indian Coins. Your knowledge is quite impressive, I was captivated by your posts and spent some 4 hrs reading them.

I have some pre-Independance and some pre-British Indian coins. I want to sell these. Could you guide me on this front? I do not see any reliable source that can resolve my query. The biggest gap is on valuation of these items. At various sites I see variations that are mind-boggling (Rs.1 lac to Rs.2500).

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Chanchal Das Gupta.

everyday guy said...

Hi ,

I have a rare 1939 Victoria Empress 1re coin(India). I'm trying to find out what its worth. I checked on the net and i cant even find someone who agrees there is such a coin. Need your help

JMD said...

Dear Bharat,

I have gone through your postings on Rare Indian Coins. Your knowledge is VERY impressive, I was so engrossed in your posts that i nearly spent half day reading them.
I would like to know more is it possible to share some more knowledge from the GURU himself?
I would LOVE to meet you SIR.
Warm Regards

anurag singh said...

i want any anna of victoria or victoria queen of 1939 and 1839 only in copper if u have so plz mail me scan image both side and call me 09026246823

anurag singh said...

Dear Sir i want to sell that ,, i am anurag singh from lucknow up, India, i have more collections,, like as 1 rs note bundle- 1957-B,, 1964-B,, 1980,81,85= 250 bundle,, 2 rs full tiger note bundle= 150 bundle,, 100 rs jagannathan bundle= 3 pcs,, 1000rs note ayenger and tailor,, 5000rs note,, 100rs eagle note tailor,, 1939 george 6th one rs coin silver=6 pcs,, 1840 victoria 1 rs coin= 8pcs,, 1972 coin,, 1982 coin,, 2/8 anna paper note,, 1947 with george photo and back side tiger photo= 1400 pcs,,, 3 deer,, 4 deer,, 6 deer, cd deshmukh and bhattacharya note of 5 rupees = 500 pcs,, and more for detail mail me at,,,, or call +91-9026246823

aqeel qureshi said...

Ap ke pas Rs.1 , 1964 note or Rs.5000 note he, uska kya prize he . pls muje batayenge
Call me sabbir 09712059090

Dipak Dave said...

mere pas 1862 or 1835 ka coin he
muje ocushn karna he to me kya karu
agar kisi ko chahiye to cal mi naw 0814044500 ghanshyam

Massimo DeTommaso said...

Hello Dr. Bahrat
I would to show you a 1862 one rupee that is a bit puzzling to me in classification (it has a PGCS certificate and was bought from a serious Spanish vendor so I like to exclude it is a fake. I went all around your websites and blogs but I did not found a direct email address. If you like to wrtie me I leave mine here:

Aakash Kumar said...

I want to sell my old coin. Can u please guide .... my email id

Massimo DeTommaso said...

I noticed the blog is concentrate on Victoria 1862 onward issues... Maybe I can help with 1840 Rupee issues classifying.

shyam singh said...

I have 80 British Indian original coins from 1840 to 1939 . I want to sell these coins. Please guide me accordingly. my email id

Unknown said...

Dear sir , I have 1840 Victoria coin ....plz suggest me wat to do ... actually I wanna to sell that mail id is

debasish said...

I have 18th and 19th century more coins. If anybody interested contact me. 9748595713

ANANTA said...

I have George V, VI King emperor (1935-1940) Victoria Empress, Victoria Queen (1862-1896) and RAM Darbar coins (7000) of 18th and 19th century's . If anybody interested contact me. Phone: 9331134236


BAU BD said...

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BAU BD said...

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BAU BD said...

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BAU BD said...

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Manna Roy said...

I have victoria empress one rupee silver coin . I want to sale this coin plz help Khaja said...

I have Victoria silver coin ,I want sale this coin plz
9550630578 email